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Want a warehouse service for your Goods ?

Warehouse Service & Shifting

Looking for storage space or shifting for your goods, JRJ Logistics can help you with both space providers and transportations service.

Custom storage spaces are available to meet your needs. With temperature control, insured storage spaces, and some other amenities, they guarantee complete protection of your items, and the warehouse services with reasonable pricing.

Warehouse Shipping Services India

No need to worry about packing moving, we make it easy for you

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Schedule Your Shifting

We prioritize your time and plan your packing moving at your convenient time.   

Rest we will take care

Once we got your requirements, rely on us for packing to shifting, including the safety, documentation and legalities.

Checklist you need for Warehouse storage & Shifting

  • Keep an inventory of all items.
  • Pack your goods carefully and securely.
  • Use bubble wraps, foam and corrugated boxes for secure packing.
  • Stuff other items with furniture to save space.
  • Prepare all appliances. Ex., defrost the fridge, and dismantle it.
  • If you are storing mirrors, tape them so they don’t damage the other items if they break.
  • Drain any inflammable liquid present in the goods.
  • Avoid packing valuables for storage (keep them with you).

Choose storage space | Climate Control | Security

Customize Space and Maintenance

Based on your specific needs, you can pick customize storage facility. We can offer specialised storage services and warehouse facilities, including climate control, spacious storage areas, 24-hour security, and more. You can inspect the storage before finalizing the service and you can access them at any moment.

Warehouse Storage Space | Shifting Service

Storage and Shifting Service

We will pick up the products from your home or place of business if you only need storage and not moving services.

We have the staff and tools necessary to handle any kind of cargo and to handle your products in the warehouses preventing any harm to goods, we have forklifts, micro cranes, trolleys, etc,.

Customized Temperature Management |

Climate Control

Where we prioritize maintaining optimal temperature conditions to safeguard the quality and integrity of your products. With our advanced infrastructure and expert team, we ensure that your temperature-sensitive goods are stored in an environment that meets their specific requirements.

Choose our temperature-controlled warehousing services to guarantee the utmost care and preservation of your temperature-sensitive products. With our state-of-the-art facilities, expert team, and customized solutions, we ensure that your goods remain in optimal conditions throughout their stay in our warehouses. Contact us today to discuss your temperature-controlled warehousing needs and experience the difference in product quality and integrity.

24 X 7 Service Support

Our 24 house service support will immediately response on your query and will also help you with any problem during this process.

Live Tracking

The consumers are also provided with shipment monitoring and tracking systems. 

We also offer all 24-hour protection of the goods and asessts in the warehouses. 

Computers, paperwork, household items, antiques, furs, linens, mattresses, electronic appliances, musical instruments, and many more items can be safely and conveniently stored in warehouses.